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Skidded systems, sometimes referred to as skid mounts or skid units, serve many purposes in a variety of industries. Generally speaking, skidded systems are used for accurate positioning, or loading of heavy objects. Skids are most generally used as a permanent foundation for heavy machinery. A few uses of skidded systems include: Metering Blending Compression Distillation These skidded systems are often used in industries such as the government, military, and mining and remediation. A skid unit or skidded system refers to a platform that supports goods in a stable manner during loading or transportation. Typically a jack or forklift is used in the movement or relocation of the equipment or machinery. People commonly use the words pallet and skid interchangeably. While they are related and serve similar purposes, there are differences between the two.  A pallet is a flat, generally wooden surface used as shipping containers to be hauled by a forklift truck. The confusion between the two is easily understandable. The wooden pallet assemblage is called a pallet until it is loaded. When a pallet is loaded it is then referred to as a skid. A skid unit should not be confused with a pallet. The main difference is that a skid has no bottom deck boards for added security when transporting, and is permanently mounted to the equipment. Both skids and pallets are used to transport heavy objects or machinery. A skid mount is a common method of distributing or moving and storing heavy machinery. Skidded units are most often designed as a permanent foundation for heavy machinery giving it the advantage of mobility. When the skidded system is manufactured, it is permanently mounted in a frame, rails, or a metal pallet. This allows the heavy equipment to be safely, easily and securely transported. The main purpose is to allow the machinery along with the transportation