ASME Heat Exchangers

Materials Worked With:

Carbon Steel


Clad Alloys

Stainless Steel


Nickel alloys, 200, 400, 600, 625, 800, 825

Hastelloy C276, B3, C22, C2000

Alloy 20

Alloy 718


Duplex and Super Duplex

Thermal Design:

Springs Fabrication subcontracts thermal design when not provided by our customer. Thermal design is commonly rendered using Heat Transfer Research, Inc. (HTRI) to achieve an optimum design. This method provides the most suitable exchanger technology with maximum reliability and efficiency, at a minimum cost.

All exchangers are designed in accordance with the TEMA designation of heat exchangers including shell and U-tube exchangers for single phase, multi-phase, and multi-component condensers (horizontal, vertical, and reflux) and reboilers (kettle, thermo siphon, and falling film).

Mechanical Design:

We provide complete mechanical design using Codeware’s Compress software. Our heat exchangers are designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, and Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA) standards.

Heat exchanger experience includes all TEMA and ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Part UHX configurations that include fixed tube sheet, U-bundle and floating head pull through bundle types.

Design specialties include high efficiency multi-pass exchangers with heavy bundles installed on fully functional skidded systems.


ASME "U" Stamp - Certificate of Authorization to manufacture ASME pressure vessels

NBBI "R" Stamp - Certificate of Authorization to make repairs and alterations to ASME pressure vessels

NBBI "NB" Stamp - Certificate of Authorization to Register ASME pressure vessels with the NBBI