ASME Pressure Vessels

The below list represents examples of our ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication Design work:

  • Blowdown tanks and blowdown drums
  • Deaerators
  • Water softeners and zeolite water softeners
  • Ethylene loading drums and KO drums
  • Suction scrubbers
  • Molecular sieves dehydration units
  • Air receivers and instrument air receivers
  • Towers
  • Reactors
  • Propane storage tanks
  • Flash tanks
  • Fuel gas drains tanks
  • Aqueous ammonia storage tanks
  • Anhydrous ammonia storage tanks
  • Heater tanks
  • Drains tanks
  • Closed cooling water head tanks
  • Cooling water expansion tanks
  • Steam turbine drain tanks
  • Surge tanks
  • Hydropneumatic surge tanks
  • ASME tank

Materials Worked With:

Carbon Steel


Clad Alloys

Stainless Steel


Nickel alloys, 200, 400, 600, 625, 800, 825

Hastelloy C276, B3, C22, C2000

Alloy 20

Alloy 718


Duplex and Super Duplex

Mechanical Design:

We provide complete mechanical design using Codeware’s Compress software. Our pressure vessels are designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Div. 1, and the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC).

Pressure Vessel experience includes internal and external pressure conditions with various complex geometries and dimpled/conventional/half-pipe jackets.


ASME "U" Stamp - Certificate of Authorization to manufacture ASME pressure vessels

NBBI "R" Stamp - Certificate of Authorization to make repairs and alterations to ASME pressure vessels

NBBI "NB" Stamp - Certificate of Authorization to Register ASME pressure vessels with the NBBI